Sunday, 22 June 2014

Little Black Moneta

I am hoping to sew a little Black Moneta this week. I am going to Canada next week to see my daughter. She has been away since last November, having a great time in the Ontario and now in Whistler. I am super excited to go and visit and I would like to sew a few new clothes. Hopefully that will work. The only problem is my dad is having a knee replacement this week and at 83 any operation is dangerous. I'm sure it will all be fine.

So I decided to try and sew the Moneta. I love all the versions out there and I'm hoping this will work out well. It's a lovely black knit, I don't know where from and I want to put some lace on the bodice. Anyway that's the plan.
Are there any fabric shops I need to visit in Vancouver? I'm only there for a couple of days then off to Whistler. Can't wait.
                                                              Happy Sewing!

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