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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Fun , fun fun Sewing

I sewed some dresses and leggings for my grandaughter. I had such fun. They are super easy and super quick. I used the Brindle and Twig  angled dress and their legging pattern.

It is difficult to take a photo of her standing still. The fabric was from Spotlight and I added some trim I had to the navy dress. I will use scraps mostly, but I saw this dog fabric and the flowers and I couldn't resist. She is 17months old and not particularly big. I made the 9-12 months which fits her really well now but I will make the next size up next time. A quick ,easy and fun sew.

                                                            She is the light of my life

            Happy Sewing !!!!

Monday, 24 June 2019

The retired wardrobe

I thought being retired I would have more time, silly me. Anyway we have well and truly cooled down in Sydney , its been really cold ( well for here anyway) and my wardrobe is seriously lacking. My clothing needs have really changed since I retired. I need casual relaxed clothes and I have a serious lack of these. So what to sew.

We went to Tasmania earlier this year and I made the Cashmerette pembroke dress and tunic. I seriously love this pattern.

I made the size 20 in the bust and graded out to size 24 at the hips. I really like the fit because I hate clothes that are 2 clingy.

Don't you just love the outdoor bath. the fabric , I think the fabric was from Tessuti's a couple of years ago. It is a lovely knit that has quite a bit of body, so comfortable to wear.
I plan to make quite a few of these in the next few weeks. I want to make a few with the turtle neck as well. Here are some fabrics I intend to use:

I love Cashmerette patterns they fit so well.

Hopefully I will keep blogging. Happy Sewing !


Monday, 7 January 2019

Neglect and change

Wow my poor little blog has been neglected. I can't believe I haven't posted since June. My how time flies. There has not been a great deal of sewing being done. I lost my drive to do anything. I'm not quite sure but I think the reason may be that I just had a difficult year last year and couldn't put much energy into sewing.

A new year has started and my world has had enormous changes. My parents are moving house after being in their house since 1958. My Dad is a collector of books and films so it has been a difficult process. He has trouble parting with things, so it has been very traumatic for him and he is quite frail at the moment. Mum is going so well I think the move for her will be a huge benefit and improve her  life so much.

I have retired from teaching. Our school year ends in December so I am all done, which is sad and exciting at the same time. The classroom was just wearing me down. I have loved my work but I want to do other things while I still can. Most of all I would just like some time so I'm not exhausted all the time.

My plans for sewing are to make a dress for my birthday. I turn 60 in a couple of weeks so I need a dress to wear to lunch with my family. There are 2 options: Option1

I love this dress and there were so many variations with the neckline on line. I'm still undecided about the neckline and whether to change it or wear a camisole underneath, either way I will need to do something. The fabric is a rayon i bought from Spotlight last year. I have quite a bit so hopefully that would work. I will make the midi length because that will be like a maxi on me anyway.

Option 2:

I love view B but without the thrill. The fabric is either a linen or a linen mix. I think this would be nice as well. It will be like a maxi on me.

My gorgeous man asked me to make him a summer shirt as well. I'm not very experienced with shirts but I will try.

I do have some plans so I just need to sew. I think I said that last year as well.

                                             Happy Creating !

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Winter wonderland

I know here in Sydney, Australia, we have a very mild winter and it doesn't last too long but it does feel chilly for a while. After the extended summer that we had , and the longing for cooler weather, it has arrived and of course my sewing is not done. Sydneysiders are renowned for believing winter doesn't exist but at the moment it's hard to deny.
So I need to sew some winter garments. My winter wardrobe has quite a few gaps. I need new basics, such as black tops, some ponti pants that feel like pj's but are actually suitable for work and generally some new clothes that are fun.
When I was in Melbourne I found this gorgeous ponti, from Tessuti's so my first project is this jacket.
I love this fabric. It is quite a subtle pattern. The jacket pattern is Butterick 6254. 
I will just need to make a few fitting adjustments. Then I will get it done.
Other patterns to make
                                                      A cosy top
                                                                 A nice dress

These are just a few of my ideas, so all I need to do is get started.
I have made a few things lately, I just don't have photos, so as soon as I get those I will post about the makes. That's the thing I find the hardest getting the photos done. Anyway

                                            Happy creating!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The endless summer

Summer keeps on going on in Sydney which is lovely in some respects but I do struggle with humidity and temps over 30c in April. Anyway I wanted a loose summer dress just like the dresses on Lazybones site which is where I bought the fabric from.
Terrible photo. I still have plenty to learn when using a tripod.
The pattern is McCall's 6923. I did a full bust adjustment which made the pattern looser anyway and  I did a bicep adjustment. I didn't add a zipper, I just did a loop opening. I didn't realise the front was crooked till the photos but I wasn't going to unpick the bodice.

I have my grumpy, serious face on here. I lined the bodice but didn't line the skirt. It is lovely and cool but I'm not particularly happy with the dress. It's lovely material and cool so I will wear it around but probably not that much to work. I don't think I will make this pattern again.

                                           Happy Sewing and Creating!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Style Arc Harlow top

I started making Style Arc Harlow Top  last year and then I finished it in January but the weather was too humid to wear it. The top will be a great trans seasonal piece. My main problem is taking the photos anyway here it is
 I love this fabric. I bought it from Tessuti's a few years ago. I'm not sure of the composition, but it was a cotton mix I think, I'm not sure. It was a little odd to sew and probably to stiff for my idea. However I was quite happy how the top turned out.
I did make a few adjustments . I decided I wanted a bit more swing to the top so I added 1 1/2 inches to the top and 2 inches to the length. I generally add to the middle to fit across my tummy.
I didn't make any adjustments on the sleeve width but had I did shorten the sleeves quite a bit.
Next time I make this I need to narrow the shoulders and bring in the neckline slightly. I didn't do a FBA because of the width I added.
Next time I may take the swing out and use a fabric with more drape. I will definitely add the to the length though. I will make this again.

One more picture. A new edition to our family my beautiful granddaughter.
                                 Enjoy your creating!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Birthday Top Simplicity 8124

Hello greetings from humidity central. This summer has been so humid and uncomfortable. Although we just had a week of cooler weather.
Personally I have not had a great start to the year, first my knee and then a flu/virus that knocked me for 6. I was in bed for a week. I missed the first week of school, which is unheard of. Anyway I am starting to feel better. Sewing has not been happening, my plans flew out the window. However I did make a top before I got sick.
It was birthday a week ago so I made a top to go to lunch Simplicity 8124 Cynthia Rowley
I needed a top that was loose and comfortable. I can't stand anything tight fitting at the moment.

A super easy and quick top. I made a XL because I wanted it very full and flowing. You could definitely go down a few sizes if you don't like that. I cut quite a few inches off the hem but I am a shorty, next time I will leave it a bit longer . I cut off about 3 inches off the sleeves. The sleeves are exceptionally long.
The fabric was from my stash. I love this blue and I love polka dots. A great success.

This is where we had lunch. The Manly Pavilion at Manly. If ever your in Sydney it's a lovely place with great food.

                                              Happy Creating !