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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Hits and Misses in 2016

This has been a very interesting year. I think in so many respects the world has gone crazy. We seem to live in fear and turmoil. My year has been busy and unfortunately a lack of sewing and blogging. I have done some sewing but no photos, hopefully tomorrow I will get some photos done.

The biggest miss this year has been the lack of sewing and blogging. Work was particularly difficult and time consuming. Whenever I seemed to get a bit of time something happened. My Dad had an awful fall and managed to smash his nose and cheekbones and chip his neck vertebrate and squash his spinal cord. As always he is positive and has made an amazing recovery.

What I have not stopped doing is buying fabric, not as much as usual as I haven't even had time to shop. There does seem to be a navy and blue theme in my purchases.

The spot and the paler blue were from Spotlight and the Navy check was from the The Drapery.
I'm off to India in January to attend a friend of mines son's wedding so I want to make some outfits that are cool and comfortable.
I have been purchasing some clothes though. I just found I had holes in my wardrobe and didn't have time, or maybe even the inclination to sew them. There are still some gaps and this is what I would like to sew. It's time to get back into sewing and blogging because above all I enjoy it.

                                                          Happy Sewing!