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Sunday, 27 December 2015

A little Present

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the relaxing period post Christmas. It's lovely being able to take a breath and smell the roses. Personally I find this time of year a time to just relax, usually at the beach but the weather has decided to become wet and very cool for this time of year. This means  an ideal climate for sewing, reading and buying fabric on line.

I bought myself a little Christmas present, fabric of course. I was wandering through Etsy and looked at this japanese store MissMatatabi. I wanted some indigo fabric to make a quilt for my handsome man but I also had to buy myself some of their beautiful cotton fabrics.

The navy and orange spot and yellow spot are a seersucker fabric and they feel lovely, so soft. They will be lovely to wear in summer. I'm not quite sure what to make yet. The Blue rose fabric on top is beautiful . I could only buy about a metre, but I just love it. I think that may become the front of a top with a contrasting back. The fabrics are beautiful and they arrived so quickly. This shop has a sale at the moment , another incentive to go and have a browse.

                                                 Happy New Year!