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Saturday, 31 January 2015

January garment done !

I finished my garment for January nearly on time. I did finish it before the end on January but couldn't post about it till today.
I made the Hot patterns fast and fabulous Blouse-T back and Hot patterns Tummy Taming Trousers. I was happy with both these patterns and how they went together. I went down a size for each and could possibly go down a size further for the pants.
 The T shirt is a bit short at the front for me and if I made it again I would lengthen the front. I think my boobs take up length, which  meant the shirt is short. If I lift my arms the shirt shows way too much tummy for my liking
In this photo you can see how the front is too short for me.
The fabric I used was a knit I bought on line and I don't like the feel of it at all. It has almost a brushed feel and is not terribly comfortable. It's also quite warm to wear. I added some rick rack around the neck edge. I like this pattern though and will make it again but I will lengthen the front slightly so I feel more comfortable.
The pants I really like. The waistband folds over and they have an invisible zip down the back. The pants are very comfortable. The pants went together well ,the only problem I had was the hem. The instructions say a 3 inch hem but I couldn't work that out. My hem is about 2 inches. Also the hem was machine stitched but I hand sewed the hem , purely personal preference. The trouser fabric was from Tessuti's last year. I did shorthen the pants on the pattern an inch. Next time I may narrow the leg or make a size smaller. All in all I would definitely make both these patterns again. The new component for me was using Hot Patterns.
Happy Sewing !

Friday, 23 January 2015

Stash Busting

I am doing a small renovation at my place in the next few weeks, I hope. I am taking up the carpet and putting wooden floors in my sewing room, lounge room , downstairs hallway and stairs. So I had to start cleaning my stash up. I will still have the same space but I have to remove it from the shelves and reorganise.

So this is the result, 4 garbage bags off to The Fabric Cave. I find it very difficult to part with fabric but I did manage. I proudly told my daughter about my amazing feat. She walked into my sewing room and said "Really Mum, it looks the same," and it has hardly made a dent. Oh well. I did only return with 2 pieces from The fabric Cave .
I thought this was quite constrained. 

Happy Sewing !

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cool Comfort

I needed a loose, comfortable dress that wouldn't crush before I went to hospital, so I whipped up this dress and having already worn it about 3 times in a week. It is so easy.
I used the Tessuti Gabby Dress pattern. I upgraded the pattern about 1 size, it is very loose fitting anyway, I probably wouldn't upgrade again when using stretch. 

The fabric I bought at Cabramatta a few years ago. I think you would call it a slinky knit ( but I'm not sure). It was easy to sew and in hot humid weather at the moment its fabulous to wear. The shape is so comfortable and the fabric drapes really well, I could live in these over summer. I will definitely be making this again. Its a great way to start using fabrics in my stash. I know this is not the most flattering shape but it is SO comfortable.

                                                   Happy Sewing !

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Stash Busting Sewing

So this year I have joined the Stashbusting Sewalong 2015 at Tumble Weeds in the Wind I have pledged to sew  at least 20 pieces of fabric and to shop from my stash before I purchase fabric. I am hoping this will help the overwhelming feeling of OMG where do I start. It should help with my budget as well.
                                         Happy Sewing !


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January First Garment of the Month

The theme for January was sewing something new. I had decided to sew pants as previously blogged in Pants, Pants Pants and if I knew how to put the link in, I would. Something to work on in 2015.

I have decided to make the striped fabric in Hot patterns Fast and fabulous Tummy Taming trousers and the Blouse Back-T from Hot Patterns. I am trying to sew outfits rather than just single items. It seems from reviews that Hot Patterns run quite large so I will take that into account.

The striped fabric was from Tessutis and the checked fabric was bought online from Gorgeous fabrics, I think. I will need to measure the paper pattern to see which size to sew.

                                                  Happy Sewing !

Reflections and Projections

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It has been an interesting start to the New Year, a funeral and  then a hospital visit and operation. It can only be up from here.
I have decided to join the stash busting 2015 at . I am hoping this will inspire me to use my stash before I buy any more fabric.

I also have a beautiful new camera from my gorgeous gentlemen friend, I just have to try and work  out how to use it.
Thank you for 2014, my first attempt at a blog. I have gained confidence in my self. I feel my sewing has progressed even though at times it is sparse. I love reading blogs and I have really enjoyed such sites as The Curvy Sewing Collective. I look forward to 2015.

                                              Happy Sewing!