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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Winter is here !

Compared to other parts of the world we don't have a cold winter in Sydney but at the moment winter has come. I know it will only last for a short time but every year I struggle. I have some lovely winter fabrics that I bought years and years ago. I always have ideas but never get around to sewing this fabric into winter garments.
This year I am going to sew some of this fabric and if I don't sew it up this year I'm going to take it to the Fabric Cave or give it away.
So its winter holidays now. I have 3 weeks off. I do have marking and some preparation for a presentation but I'm exhausted, it has been a difficult 2 terms with very challenging students so I decided I needed to rest, stay home and hopefully sew some of my winter fabrics. I am really looking forward to this break.
That's my pledge to myself. Wish me luck!

                                                Happy Sewing!