Friday, 28 February 2014

Finished for February Simplicity 1660

I finished my Simplicity 1660 last weekend but didn't get a chance to post. Hopefully its still February somewhere so I haven't quite missed the mark for A Garment a Month.
 I made view B without many alterations. I needed to take a larger seam in the shoulders and I added a band at the bottom because I didn't like the length on me but it probably would have been fine. I also put a band on the sleeve.
I made a white tube skirt to wear with it but I didn't like the look at all so i think it needs to be worn with darker colours.
I did try and smile in this photo and not look too grumpy. Still not comfortable!
The back is quite nice. You can't see in the photo but the neck band crosses over and then joins the back. Overall I'm quite happy. 
I do have a problem with size though. I am so terrified that it won't fit I think I probably err on the large side but with the humidity in Sydney at the moment that's probably not such a bad thing.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Style Arc Patterns

I thought I would show an outfit that I made last year and wore to work today. I used Style Arc Martine  Dress for the top. I had a bit of trouble with the frill down the front. The fabric was a bit stiff and it wouldn't twist properly so I decided to use some rick rack I
had in my stash to create the vertical line that I liked.

The pants are style Arc as well, the Elle pants. This was my first pair and the fabric probably wasn't quite right. It is a stetch woven but its ok  I like the colour.
It all looks a bit wrinkled but I have worn them all day. Forgive the look I really don't know how to pose. I feel very uncomfortable . I wish I had made the tunic a bit longer and the pants slightly bigger.
I have made another 2 pairs of the Elle pants. On the other pants I adjusted the pattern by increasing the crutch so it went over my tummy. They fit better. I really like this pant pattern. I like how the waistband is a separate piece you put on. I feel this makes it fit better.
Happy Sewing ! 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Simplicity 1660

I decided to join Make a Garment a Month blog. Mainly to help me sew and I'm always better with a goal. I was having trouble deciding what to make but I need some cotton tops, humidity has got the better of me. Also half of February is over so hopefully this is simple.
I am making Simplicity 1660 in view B in this light cotton fabric
I bought this from Spotlight last year I think
Today is a lovely rainy day and my garden is loving it. An excellent day for sewing !

Sway back adjustment

I have never been good at making pattern adjustments on the paper pattern. I just adjust as i go along. However since I started reading blogs I have realised the importance of adjusting the pattern. In fact I find myself looking at people's clothes and thinking of where they need adjustments to get a better fit, hopefully without them thinking I am starnge person checking them out.

One adjustment I am unsure about is a sway back adjustment. How do you know if you need this? What are the signs ? How do you make this adjustment if you need to? Are there any tutorials on this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wonder if I haven't noticed this as much because I make clothes that generally are quite loose but I do want to make a closer fitting dress in the next couple of weeks so a few adjustments may be necessary.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What to sew ?

Life certainly has taken it's toll in the last few weeks. School camps, new classes and exhaustion have all meant no sewing but hopefully now everything will settle down and sewing can restart.

What to sew? What do I need, but more importantly what do I want. I probably need a few cotton tops, mine are looking a little tired.

I have been looking at these simplicity patterns for tops.

 These tops would be ideal for this time of year with the humidity but what I would really like to make is a dress that is a little more fitted, so I think I will sew this.

McCall's 6887  View B.

The fabric has some stretch but I want to challenge myself to do a FBA. Normally I just put elastic in or just try and adjust the pattern but its never quite right so I thought I would give a FBA a go. There are so many wonderful tutorials. Mary from Idle Fancy has inspired me. There is one thing I know straight away is that I will shorten the bodice. I don't like dresses sitting on my non-existent waist so I like the waist higher to be closer to an empire line but not quite. This pattern doesn't have too much bulk on the waistline either. It will be a challenge. All I need to do is to stay focused.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Other sewing

My sewing this week has been almost non existent. It is difficult to blog and work and go out. I admire people who are able to do this, they are better people than me. Work is always hectic at the beginning of the year coupled with a new laptop.

Anyway I did some sewing this weekend. I have been meaning to do a slip cover, for a slip chair for a very long time but i procrastinate about it because this is not the sewing I like to do. Anyway fabric draped over the chair  finally annoyed me enoughthis weekend to make the cover.
Anyway it's not perfect but it will do.

 Another revelation is I realised that I need to plan my sewing a little better and think about what I need. I am inspired by Carolyn at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic to  sew basics. Something I'm not good at, but actually clothes I really need in my wardrobe. I need a few more skirts and tops and sheath dresses. This week I think I will start planning.

I wasn't willing to join the RTW Fast at Goodbye Valentino this year but I am trying to not buy as many clothes and in January I didn't buy anything. The interesting thing about this is how much, not buying clothes increased my desiree to sew. I need to sort out a few fitting issues and then I feel I will be well on my way to, maybe not a complete fast, but certainly a very strict diet.