Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What to sew ?

Life certainly has taken it's toll in the last few weeks. School camps, new classes and exhaustion have all meant no sewing but hopefully now everything will settle down and sewing can restart.

What to sew? What do I need, but more importantly what do I want. I probably need a few cotton tops, mine are looking a little tired.

I have been looking at these simplicity patterns for tops.

 These tops would be ideal for this time of year with the humidity but what I would really like to make is a dress that is a little more fitted, so I think I will sew this.

McCall's 6887  View B.

The fabric has some stretch but I want to challenge myself to do a FBA. Normally I just put elastic in or just try and adjust the pattern but its never quite right so I thought I would give a FBA a go. There are so many wonderful tutorials. Mary from Idle Fancy has inspired me. There is one thing I know straight away is that I will shorten the bodice. I don't like dresses sitting on my non-existent waist so I like the waist higher to be closer to an empire line but not quite. This pattern doesn't have too much bulk on the waistline either. It will be a challenge. All I need to do is to stay focused.

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