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Thursday, 17 March 2016

White out !

I have a lovely white summer top that has definitely seen better days so I decided to make a new top using View C from Vogue 9067.

V9067, Misses' Top and Pants

This looks like a lovely top. I created mine , not so great.
I made the Xl and I think I could have made at least 2or 3 sizes smaller. This top is enormous and I like loose clothes.
In this picture you can see how large it is.
I could fit a whole family in this top, this top is huge.
 In the pattern you add this flounce on the sleeves so it is difficult to take in once they are on. I also had a bit of trouble adding the flounce on the sleeve.
I like the pom poms on the bottom though. Admittedly the pattern is designed for a woven fabric and I used a knit so maybe that was a contributing factor.

This top will probably never be worn but I hung it up and we'll see. I was a bit disappointed not to have a new white top. Oh well.
                                         Happy Sewing!