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Saturday, 14 February 2015

February Garment

I have been struggling with trying to choose a garment to make for February. The beginning of the school year is always a challenge but this year we have had so many changes at our school that it has been an enormous challenge. That coupled with the humid weather I have been feeling quite overwhelmed and indecisive. I'm not sure that my garment completely fits into the theme but I really want to make this top so that is why I decided to make it.
The pattern I found at the Salvo's for $1.00. I intend to make a top out of the main black floral fabric and then the sleeves in the pink flower fabric. The flower fabric is a cotton lace that is quite open. It's marginally a frankenpattern. I'm hoping this will work.
                                                     Happy Sewing !

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Burda top 6972 and Style Arc pants

I started this Burda 6972 tunic top last October, it was meant to be my Garment a Month top but things  didn't go well and I only finished this in January.
This top I changed the sleeves to 3/4 length . I did widen the upper arm slightly just to give me a comfortable sleeve. The fabric is a gorgeous linen I bought from Tessuti's last year or could have even been the year before. It's a beautiful fabric that is lovely to wear. The top has a horizontal dart at the front and the neck opening is bound. I did find this a bit tricky and had to hand sew the bottom section so that it sat well. The top went together very easily. I really like the shape and the pleats in the lower section.
The pants are Style Arc Elle pants. I had this fabric in my stash and it was a perfect coordinating fabric, pretty happy with that. This is my 4th pair of Elle pants. this pair turned out to be a bit tighter than I like but they were actually fine when I wore them to work. It amazes me how you can make the same pattern and they are different every time.
 Pretty happy with this outfit. I will definitely do this tunic again. Maybe a sleeveless version and then a long sleeve version for Autumn.
                                                 Happy Sewing !

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The late Jungle Top

After I finished my last black and white top in my previous blog post I decided I needed another top to go with my Tummy Taming Pants . In my stash I found this lovely black and white animal print. It's a lovely stretch that I bought from Style Arc last year. I decided to make Simplicity 1463 view C, however I used the one fabric for the whole top.
I really like the sleeves in this pattern, they are loose and comfortable. I lengthened the top by 3 inches because I prefer tops longer and didn't want the same problem I had in my previous top. Its hard to see the peak at the front but it is there.
Its hard to see in the photo but there is gathering at the back yoke..
This is a lovely soft fabric and very comfortable. I am very happy with this top and will definitely be making it again.
                                                Happy Sewing!