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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Finally pants

I had finished these pants quite a while ago but had no photos. In fact these were planned at the end of 2014. I'll admit it, I'm slow but they are done.

Pants number 1.  Black and White polka dots
These are  Style Arc Flat Bottom Flo pants.   
I quite like these and I thought they fitted quite well till I looked at the photos.
There are still some lines underneath my backside so I think that means I need to widen the leg.  They are very comfortable and I hate pants that are too large on my thighs, so they will do at the moment. They fit my flatbackside really well. The pattern was very easy to make and I really like how the front seam sits forward.
It's a little difficult to see in the photos. These are really comfortable. I will definitely make these pants again.

The fabric is a stretch cotton from Tessuti's and is quite stiff, so maybe that causes some of the fit issues. I like these pants and have worn them several times already.

Pants number 2  Floral Summer pants
These are Style Arc Tori Crop pants.
I am not a huge fan of these pants. I love the fabric though. I bought this at Tessuti's in 2014. It's a lovely stretch cotton and feels lovely to wear. I shortened these about 2 inches, I'm only 5'3" but I would have preferred them slightly longer. I also had trouble with the split at the side.
I really messed it up. The instructions were difficult to follow but they're fine for a casual summer pant. I probably won't make this pattern again.
 It's good to finally finish these and be wearing them.
                                                      Happy Sewing!