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Monday, 7 January 2019

Neglect and change

Wow my poor little blog has been neglected. I can't believe I haven't posted since June. My how time flies. There has not been a great deal of sewing being done. I lost my drive to do anything. I'm not quite sure but I think the reason may be that I just had a difficult year last year and couldn't put much energy into sewing.

A new year has started and my world has had enormous changes. My parents are moving house after being in their house since 1958. My Dad is a collector of books and films so it has been a difficult process. He has trouble parting with things, so it has been very traumatic for him and he is quite frail at the moment. Mum is going so well I think the move for her will be a huge benefit and improve her  life so much.

I have retired from teaching. Our school year ends in December so I am all done, which is sad and exciting at the same time. The classroom was just wearing me down. I have loved my work but I want to do other things while I still can. Most of all I would just like some time so I'm not exhausted all the time.

My plans for sewing are to make a dress for my birthday. I turn 60 in a couple of weeks so I need a dress to wear to lunch with my family. There are 2 options: Option1

I love this dress and there were so many variations with the neckline on line. I'm still undecided about the neckline and whether to change it or wear a camisole underneath, either way I will need to do something. The fabric is a rayon i bought from Spotlight last year. I have quite a bit so hopefully that would work. I will make the midi length because that will be like a maxi on me anyway.

Option 2:

I love view B but without the thrill. The fabric is either a linen or a linen mix. I think this would be nice as well. It will be like a maxi on me.

My gorgeous man asked me to make him a summer shirt as well. I'm not very experienced with shirts but I will try.

I do have some plans so I just need to sew. I think I said that last year as well.

                                             Happy Creating !