Monday, 28 April 2014

April Animal print done!

Well I finished my top Vogue 8977 and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It was very easy to make it all came together well. I didn't make any adjustments. I made view A but with length D so on me it is quite long but that's what I prefer.
The pleats on the neckline work well. The back is my favourite part of the top. I thought it may be too low but it is fine.
The fabric drapes really well and it feels lovely next to the skin. The fabric I bought from Tessutis.
My inspiration was the animal print and denim so I had to pair it with my denim jacket.
I am happy with how this pattern turned out. I will make it again but this time with sleeves and maybe the shorter length. I really enjoyed making this top.
Happy Sewing!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Sewing Machine Dilemma!

Well, wouldn't you know it. I have time at the moment enjoying Easter and holidays, plenty of time to sew and my sewing machine decides to have an attack, the same attack it had last year. Unfortunately I think this time it may be fatal.

I love my sewing machine. I have never had any trouble with it till last year. It was a birthday present, many years ago, actually about 15 years ago from my ex husband, who was quite generous. It is a Bernina with all the bells and whistles, not that I have used them, but it has been a wonderful machine.

If I have to buy a new machine which one to buy? Do I buy another Bernina or do I try a different brand? Do I get a machine that has many stitches that I may use on a rare occasion or do I buy a basic model? I must say I nearly passed out when I saw how much some of the new machines cost. Also what to do with all the specialist feet I have for my machine.

What machine do you have? Do you love it or are there problems? Where do I find an objective review of sewing machines. Dilemma, Dilemma!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Amazing Fit 1800

Well I made 1800 Simplicity a few weeks ago but was having trouble getting photos done. I gave up waiting for someone to be home when I was in a reasonable state, hair clean and makeup done, so I took photos myself. I always feel a bit awkward, but I guess its the same for everyone.
 This dress is an Amazing Fit pattern and this was first attempt at one of these patterns. I started with size 24 because I am always terrified something won't fit. I wound up taking it in at least 3 inches in each side as well as the bust area. I think next time I will make the size 20 with the size D and curvy lower end.
The dress is quite loose in the bodice and gapes, I should have taken it in a bit more but I got a bit tired of fiddling around with it. The sleeves are also a bit big but I took them in as well and couldn't take them in too much more.
Generally I am happy with the dress. It went together really well. I like the neckline, except where the facing is sticking out (oops). I also like the style.
I am very happy with my invisible zipper. This is only my third invisible zipper .

The fabric I brought from Spotlight last year for $5.00 a metre so this will be a nice cool and comfortable summer dress for next year. The weather is finally starting to cool down. 
I will definitely make this again for next summer. When I use these patterns I will be using a smaller size though. I made this to challenge myself and I certainly did that.
Happy Sewing !

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

April Project

For April I thought I would try something simple, a top. My inspiration came from this outfit. I love the  combination. I saw this outfit on Kristy's blog, Lower Your Presser Foot. I thought it was gorgeous.
love everything about this outfit! - printed pencil skirt, white tee, blue jean jacket & heels
However I want to do the reverse. I want to have the animal print as a top and a dark denim skirt with maybe a white jacket or even a lighter denim jacket.

I think I will make Vogue 8977 View A in a fabric I just bought from Tessuti's

I really like the caramel colour in this fabric. It has a slight stretch so I think it will work quite well.
Hopefully I will have plenty of time although my eldest son has leave for a week, which I am so excited about. I haven't seen him since January and my other son is living with me at the moment so having 2 children out of 3 in the same country and the same house will be bliss.
Happy sewing!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Dresses and not much sewing

My how time flys. Unfortunately I missed my March "Make a garment a Month", garment. Just ran out of time. I haven't been doing much sewing, all the usual reasons work, time and a lack of motivation and a great deal of procrastination but I hope to make up for that in the holidays. One week left of term and then 2 weeks off, I can't wait. It has been a long, hot, busy term.

There has been some sewing. I have been making Simplicity 1800. An amazing Fit pattern. This is the first time I have made one of these patterns. I thought it would be quite easy but wasn't really, I had quite a few issues.
I made view B with the short sleeves. I made size 22 with a D cup fitting but it was huge . I took in inches along every seam. The bodice I had to take in a huge amount. I'm not sure what's going on . It"s still a bit loose especailly the sleeves but it should be OK. Hopefully I will have photos tomorrow. does anyone else have the same issues with these amazing fit patterns? I love how it went together. I learnt a huge amount. It was quite abit of work basting it all and then making it but I guess taht is what fitting is all about.
I am hoping to take some photos tomorrow or Tuesday.
Happy Sewing!