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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Amazing Fit 1800

Well I made 1800 Simplicity a few weeks ago but was having trouble getting photos done. I gave up waiting for someone to be home when I was in a reasonable state, hair clean and makeup done, so I took photos myself. I always feel a bit awkward, but I guess its the same for everyone.
 This dress is an Amazing Fit pattern and this was first attempt at one of these patterns. I started with size 24 because I am always terrified something won't fit. I wound up taking it in at least 3 inches in each side as well as the bust area. I think next time I will make the size 20 with the size D and curvy lower end.
The dress is quite loose in the bodice and gapes, I should have taken it in a bit more but I got a bit tired of fiddling around with it. The sleeves are also a bit big but I took them in as well and couldn't take them in too much more.
Generally I am happy with the dress. It went together really well. I like the neckline, except where the facing is sticking out (oops). I also like the style.
I am very happy with my invisible zipper. This is only my third invisible zipper .

The fabric I brought from Spotlight last year for $5.00 a metre so this will be a nice cool and comfortable summer dress for next year. The weather is finally starting to cool down. 
I will definitely make this again for next summer. When I use these patterns I will be using a smaller size though. I made this to challenge myself and I certainly did that.
Happy Sewing !

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