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Monday, 3 November 2014

The Shirt and the Pants

My how time flies, November already. I have been sewing but as usual it has taken me a while to take photos. The self timer is not working on my camera so I have to wait till someone is around. My lovely gentleman friend came to the rescue.

My shirt is Burda 7136. Not normally a shirt I would make but it was the pattern requirement for a course I did at the ASG's convention in September. I thought this would be a disaster but my teacher was amazing. I said this won't work for me and she said, "well we will make it work," and she did. Its funny but she gave me permision to change it, and with that a freedom to change a pattern to suit me and what I feel comfortable with. It was quite liberating.

For the shirt I bought this lovely turquiose linen but with a cross white grain from Tessuti's. I can't remember what its called but its lovely, very comfortable and cool.
I am really happy with the shirt, it fits hooray!... There were a few adjustments.
                                   1. I lowered the bust dart about an 1".
                                   2. I added a pleat at the back

                               3. I added to the sleeves, in I think, a bicep adjustment, so the sleeves fit, so excited.
                          4.  I changed the placket to the placket the teacher used. Very excited about this because I had never done a placket before.

All in all I'm happy with this shirt. I learnt so much and it fits.

The pants are another Style Arc Barb stretch pant. I made these out of a stretch cotton that I bought at Spotlight last year. Its quite a large patterned fabric that I wouldn't have used normally for pants but the colour was so lovely with the shirt I thought the abstract pattern would work. I feel it does. 

The adjustments to the pants were really just shortening them, even more than last time and this seems to have removed the folds I had with my animal print pants.

I am happy. I have a shirt that fits. I have an outfit, so a success. The shirt is far from perfect but the lessons learned were immeasurable.

Happy Sewing!