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Friday, 23 January 2015

Stash Busting

I am doing a small renovation at my place in the next few weeks, I hope. I am taking up the carpet and putting wooden floors in my sewing room, lounge room , downstairs hallway and stairs. So I had to start cleaning my stash up. I will still have the same space but I have to remove it from the shelves and reorganise.

So this is the result, 4 garbage bags off to The Fabric Cave. I find it very difficult to part with fabric but I did manage. I proudly told my daughter about my amazing feat. She walked into my sewing room and said "Really Mum, it looks the same," and it has hardly made a dent. Oh well. I did only return with 2 pieces from The fabric Cave .
I thought this was quite constrained. 

Happy Sewing !


  1. Very restrained. Is that the fabric cave at Meadowbank? I keep meaning to visit. You certainly were restrained.

  2. Yes it is, The Fabric Cave at Meadowbank. I try and drop off and leave straight away otherwise i wind up not really achieving any less fabric. It is certainly worth a visit and its a great cause. Sometimes you can go there and there is not much at all and other times you can find patterns and fabric and they are very very cheap. Its worth visiting. They have quite restricted opening hours so just check before you go I think its Mon, Wed and Fri and 1 Sunday a month.

  3. Lucky you - the renovations sound gorgeous. Fancy getting rid of four bags - I think I would have just stashed them in the car boot for the duration:)