Sunday, 22 June 2014

Elle pants and Vogue 8952

I can't believe how long it is since I have blogged, time just flies. I have the usual excuses of work, exams, marking and reports but now they are all done, thank goodness. I also have a lovely gentlemen friend who is just wonderful and fantastic to spend time with, so consequently there is little time for sewing at the moment. I must say though I am very happy about the reason why the lack of time.

Anyway I finished these pants and top a while ago but was having trouble getting any photos done. The self timer isn't working so I thought I better put some photos up. I love these pants they are so comfortable, like wearing track pants to work. I used my Style Arc pattern Elle pants. I love this pattern. This is the fourth pair of pants I have made . I made a size 18 and just extended the seam over my round tummy. Other than that they fit really well.
The fabric is a ponte knit from a US on line store. I'm not quite sure which one. They are super comfortable.
The top I made in a black knit that I bought from Tessuti's. It is a lovey weight and drapes beautifully.
The pattern is Vogue 8952. I made view A. It fits really well the only problem I had was I put the front in on the wrong side. Note to self,  Don't sew black at night! I didn't realise till I had finished I had put the front in using the wrong side but you really can't tell. The only thing is the raglan I don't think fits properly.
I have worn this top quite a few times. I like the top I don't like the hem sides they are a bit pointy. I prefer a rounded hem. Generally a very successful outfit.
Sorry about the dead body look.   

The Vogue 8952 I think i will try view C next time.
                                       Happy Sewing!

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  1. Love the trouser pattern. They really do look super comfy!