Monday, 17 March 2014

Skirt Sewing

Hello. Well not much sewing happening with me at the moment. Work has been quite hectic and the humidity has been a bit draining. I come home and have not been very inspired. I'm hoping the weather will cool down soon. I know that seems ridiculous to people on the other side of the world but what can I say. My daughter thinks I'm crazy as she is Canada working in a ski field and it has been a very cold winter for a little Aussie girl. She has survived and loved every minute of it. Sadly for me she is going to stay for summer but good luck to her, what a wonderful experience.

Back to skirt sewing. I made another quick knit skirt. It really takes no time at all and they are practical and comfortable.
I think I bought this fabric from Charlie Girl fabrics. A bit of an extravagance with postage but they have some lovely knits. This is quite thick so it will be an excellent trans seasonal skirt.
All I did was slightly shape the skirt, sewed it on my overlocker and put elastic round the waist.
Quick and easy.
I have cut out my fabric for my muslin for my dress but haven't sewn anything yet. I should hurry, March is slipping away.
happy Sewing!

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