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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Stash Busting

Well I haven't done nearly as much sewing as I had hoped but I still have a week of holidays. I have made a striped skirt that I will post when I have a photographer around. I think I will have to try and work out how to time my camera. Actually I'm not sure it has that function.

Anyway today I did some stash busting. I looked at my stash, which I love , but even with several lifetimes I will never sew it all, so I decided to take some fabric, actually a garbage bag full, over to Achieve Australia at Meadowbank. This is a treasure trove of patterns and fabric and various other creative pursuits that people have donated. Its an organisation that helps people with a disability to live and work and participate in community activities. So I'm sure my fabric will find a loving home and hopefully someone will enjoy creating with it. The best part is the profit goes to a cause I am passionate about.

I'm looking forward to some sewing this weekend, proably inside with the air-conditioning on.

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