Monday, 20 January 2014

Simple isn't always easy

I had a lovely black and white stripe stretch fabric that I bought last year and I wanted to make a straight skirt. I thought a pink top would work well with the skirt and I had a lovely pink linen/cotton and also a hot pink sheer silk that would work well as a contrast. So, items that really  should have knocked over in an afternoon, alas not.

Now I hate unpicking. I have been known to discard items because I had to unpick but I do realise that unpicking is part of the sewing process and I am learning to just get on with it. I actually thought i wouldn't have to unpick these garments but there was several unpicks which meant the whole process was not as easy as it should have been.

 A model i am not.

The skirt is from Vogue 8938. I made it slightly longer because i like to wear my skirts a bit longer. I made the 18 because I wanted a fitted skirt but I wound taking it in several inches and pegging it in about 2 inches. I am quite happy with the skirt. Its comfortable and will be great for work.

The top is  McCalls 6566 view C.
I made the XL with very generous seam allowance. The bottom is the contrast sheer and the neck trim is the shear as well. I quite like this effect.
I shortened the sleeves by 2 inches and lowered the neckline by about 2 inches as well. 
I'm not particularly happy with the top. Its not practical without a top underneath, and the back is a bit wonky. I like the trim on the neckline though. I don't particularly like the fit. 

I think I will make another top to go with the skirt, a pink Lola Tee from Tessuti's.
This should work well and be far more practical. 

I certainly will make a few skirts though. They will work very well in my wardrobe.

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