Sunday, 24 January 2016

Jumping into January or not.

My blogging has been a bit slow this January, usually I'm quite prolific in January. I have been sewing, I just haven't taken any photos to blog about yet. Although my sewing has been a little sparse. I have been trying to finish projects from last year.
 I don't know why my sewing mojo has been struggling, all I can think is that last year was a difficult year at work, plus I had a few quite serious health issues and all I needed to do this January was  rest and recovery.
Now I'm ready to jump into January, even though its nearly over. A  found a gap in my summer wardrobe, linen pants. Every summer I think this and I never get around to making linen pants, so this summer I'm going to do it.
I have loads of linen
this is just a few. So if I can find a pattern that suits I think I could whip these up quite quickly. I looked through my pattern and found these
plus the Tessa pant from Style Arc
I think I will try the Tessa pant first. Some of the other patterns are quite wide and I do have to be careful with width, because I can look a little swamped by fabric. I am quite excited to be sewing these. This is how I will spending Australia Day ( I hope ).

                             Happy Sewing and Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies out there.

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