Sunday, 31 January 2016

Birthday dress

Well I had planned to make linen pants but instead I decided I needed desperately, to make a maxi dress for my birthday lunch, I became obsessed. I hope I'm not the only one who does this. I have been wanting to try Butterick 5456 for ages, Fast and easy, no problems, well not many.
I had some lovely cotton jersey from Tessuti that was in my stash, so off I went. I thought it's stretch I won't make any adjustments plus I was in a hurry. I keep forgetting I'm not young and slim and patterns fit straight out of the envelope.
It was very easy to sew and turned out well except for the bust . It pulled forward, I should have done a FBA but I was too lazy and in too much of a hurry.
As you can see it pulls forward. I added a strip across the bottom of the arm opening which meant I could wear it comfortably. A new design feature, right! To be honest I'm not sure how to do a FBA on this type of bodice that has no darts or anything to gauge the adjustments by. If anyone can help I would really appreciate the help.  Its fine, not great but fine and comfortable. No one else would notice, I don't think, I just need to keep my arms down. Plus I love the look of a maxi dress.
The back is what I love about this pattern. A bit of skin but appropriate. I love the maxi dress cool , comfortable and covers my legs.
I'm not sure if I will make this pattern again but I will definitely be making more maxi dresses. A good summer dress though.
A beautiful place to have my birthday lunch.

                                       Happy Sewing!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! What a lovely birthday maxi dress.

  2. I love it.. A pattern worth considering.

    1. Yes it is worth trying. Its a very easy pattern and even easier if you have a smaller bust. certainly worth making.

  3. Happy Birthday Mandy - the dress looks lovely. As for FBA, just google FBA on a dartless bodice - and something should turn up.

    1. Thank you. I will try that because I really like the back and the skirt of the dress.