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Friday, 10 July 2015

My Betsy

I finished my first Betsy by Blue GingerDoll quite a while ago but didn't have any photos , so last weekend I managed to get my handsome photographer to take some photos.
I am very happy with the skirt. It fits well and is comfortable. Probably will be better in spring but its lovely and floral for winter.
The vent in the back worked well. My biggest problem was the lining. I had a very blonde moment. I attached the lining to the waistband and it was going in beautifully then I realised i needed to put in the invisible zipper Doh! I had to use the seam as if it wasn't lined. I could have undone the whole lot but I know if I did that it would never resurface out of the  long lost garment basket, so I just left it. I am the only one who knows and I can live with it. I am sure there is a way to do the lining properly, I must admit I don't line garments very often.
So this is view A without the button loops. I made the waistband a little large and I think next time I wouldn't add a waistband. It fits well and I love the fabric. I will definitely be making more of these  Betsy skirts.

                                              Happy Sewing!

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