Thursday, 5 January 2017

The fabric is the winner

Happy New Year, I forgot to say this in my last post.  This post is about the fabric. I bought this fabric from Tessuti's, I bought the last piece. It is an Italian ponti, not what I would normally use for summer, however I felt a  straight skirt would show off the fabric. I dress would be lovely but a little to much pattern for me.
I just love this fabric there is so much going on. The pattern is STyle Arc Rita Ponte skirt. 
A simple straight skirt.I lengthened the pattern because I wanted almost a maxi length. I also didn't peg the sides in much because I needed to be able to walk in it.
It will be interesting when I wear this to school and what the boys response to the fabric will be, some of them will be quite intrigued. I have worn this a few times already.

I am pretty happy with this skirt. Super easy and winning fabric.

                                                  Happy Sewing !

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  1. I love it when a unique piece of fabric can shine!