Saturday, 8 October 2016

A summer plan

Rarely do I plan my sewing. I admire people who plan and I decided I should be one of those people. So I started thinking about what I buy in RTW and it is usually plain colours and usually not the latest trends. This summer I'm going to try and stick to this idea. At the moment I love navy and white. A classic combination that always looks smart. This will be my base, pants, tops and skirts in a variety of styles that are cool and comfortable.
My first project are pants and a top using these fabrics.
The stripe is from Tessuti"s a lovely navy linen.   
The white fabric is from my stash. It is a lovely embroidered white cotton that was hiding underneath some other white fabric,  a very exciting find. I have masses of the white fabric so I think I will make 2 tops. You can never have enough white tops in summer.
These are the patterns I have pulled out.
I have made the Simplicity 1660 before and that was a really nice pattern. I have made McCall's 5050 many times over the years and will probably use this one for a top. The other 2 patterns I haven't used, McCall's 7125 and Butterick 5356. I like the sleeves in the McCall's and the shape in the Butterick. I think either would be fine.
The pants I am using are Style Arc Tessa Pant. A simple elastic waist pant.
I am hoping this will be my summer linen pants pattern.
This is step 1 in my Summer Wardrobe plan.
                                 Enjoy your sewing!

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