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Friday, 22 May 2015

Back in the Swing

My sewing room is up and running again. I have been trying to organise my sewing room but I just wanted to get all my fabric out and put on the shelves again.
A bit messy but at least its out where I can see it all. I had fabric in boxes and I decided fabric needed to be on display, otherwise I forgot about it. Stacking the fabric made me realise I really don't need to buy fabric ever again, ha ha, as if that will happen! I loved reconnecting with my stash. I found pieces of fabric I haven't seen for years.
 My other dilemma was trying to work out a way to store my patterns successfully rather than in boxes. Boxes made it difficult to locate patterns so I would often wind up buying 2 of the same pattern.  I bought a filing cabinet thinking that I would have plenty of space, ha ha again. Really, sometimes I surprise myself at my lack of intelligence.
I have filled this cabinet and have ordered a second one. I must say it is easy to find patterns. I feel this is a good solution for me who clearly over purchases patterns. I also got rid of 3 bags of patterns, well actually they are in my garage waiting for the next school holidays, when I will take them to the Fabric Cave. You can also see in the photo my beautiful new hardwood floors. I am so happy with the renovation it was all worth it, now all I need to do is sew, sew and sew.
                              Sunrise last week from my balcony, nothing to do with sewing but I loved the sky.

                                              Happy Sewing!


  1. What a lovely room, quite envious! No, seriously, I am glad you have this all in order - and it's nice to see other people have lots of stash and patterns too, although I still fit into one filing cabinet - but have tossed lots of patterns over the years when I have had to move.

    1. It is a lovely room I am lucky. The other end is my office. I think with patterns I could get rid of even more but instead I bought another filing cabinet, I probably need to downsize.