Monday, 13 October 2014

The saga of the striped Moneta

 The striped Moneta has been a bit of a saga. I started making this in the cooler weather so it started life with sleeves. Then the weather warmed up and at about 4am one morning I had the bright idea of removing the sleeves. Usually ideas at this time of the morning aren't so clever but this one was not too bad. So the sleeves came off.
The saga didn't end there though. With my first Moneta I had no trouble using the clear elastic but in this version the insertion didn't go so well.
As the pencils show the difference between the bodice side seam and the skirt side seam was a couple of inches. While I'm not a perfectionist sewer this was a little too much actually alot too much. The main trouble was that the ponte was quite a stable knit so didn't stretch too far. So I cut the skirt off and put in pleats , a much better outcome.
  The neck , armholes and hem are trimmed with a magenta ponte. I just wanted to add a bit of colour.
 So the saga ended and I'm pretty happy with the end result. I found a cardigan which was a perfect match.

                                          Happy Sewing!


  1. Cute dress! The cardigan looks great with it.

  2. Thank you. I couldn't believe what a close match it was. just lucky sometimes.