Monday, 28 July 2014

Little black Moneta

I did some sewing this weekend, I finished my black Moneta. I really enjoyed making this pattern. It went together so well as everyone in the sewing world seems to say. I found using the clear elastic was quite easy as well. i had never used this before
I shortened the bodice by 25cm but it meant it was more an empire line dress, which is fine but next time I think I will make the full length bodice so the waist is closer to my waist. I normally have to shorten everything. The instructions were very clear and it came together easily.
The fabric was a black I had in my stash. I didn't quite have enough for the sleeves so I decided to do lace sleeves. I think the effect is quite nice. I wish my photographer told me my bra strap was showing but he wouldn't have even noticed. He's also very tall so looks down on me.

I am happy with this dress. I like the neckline and its very comfortable. I think I will get a great deal of wear out of this dress.
Next time I will lengthen the bodice and also just lengthen the skirt a little. I think I will make quite a few of these dresses. They are comfortable and easy to sew. Great for layering as well.
Happy Sewing !


  1. Your dress is lovely! I especially like the lacy sleeves.

  2. I've never heard of clear elastic, I love learning new things lol! love your little black dress, the lace sleeves look fantastic on it!


    1. I had never seen clear elastic before. Although Did look atsome dresses I had bought and I noticed clear elastic on the waist. I think it gives the waist some strength. It was quite easy to use.

  3. Lovely dress! The lace sleeves look great!

  4. Your dress is lovely. Great idea to use the lace on the sleeves. It really suits the dress.

  5. Thank you. I am pleased with it.

  6. Loving the lace sleeves. Gives it such lovely detail. A really flattering shape too.