Friday, 24 January 2014

New Patterns

  I always love a new pattern. I especially like buying them from the US when they are on sale. They arrive promptly and even with postage they are considerably cheaper than buying patterns here.

My dilemma of course is what to make. I set very high expectations of myself and then are disappointed with myself. I know i don't have masses of time as school goes back next week but I really want to sew them all. I really want to sew all the others I have bought but haven't got around to sewing. So many ideas !

The other dilemma I have is size. Many years ago I could buy a pattern and make it up with very few alterations. However those days are long gone. I have a few Crafsty classes on fitting that i will try and watch but it find it a bit daunting and so I procrastinate. I need to bite the bullet and get to work.

It seems everybody has to adjust patterns not just plus size sewers. I do get confused though and my concentration span leaves much to be desired. Anyway time to sew.
I do have my Lola Tee to blog as well I just have to take a photo. Have a lovely sewing weekend!

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