Sunday, 26 January 2014

Last Days

Well my summer holidays are nearly over. Time to go back into the classroom but before I do that, a quick and easy sew. Slip-on Suzie from Style Arc.
It was a very easy sew except my overlocker decided to play up. It could have been the thread. Does thread have a used by date?

The fabric was one I bought on line from the US but I can't remember where from. It is a lovely soft knit if not a bit stretchy but behaved pretty well. The pattern is very easy and I love the sleeves . They are a cap sleep but folded over. The instructions were easy to follow and it came together really well.

It is a very strong coloued dress but I am really happy with it. It will be very comfortable and easy to wear. It actually fits better than Mabel. Sorry about the messy sewing room floor. I pulled out patterns and its just messy.
Sorry I cut off my head . I've just been to the gym and swimming, so no makeup or hair done but you can see it fits well. I made no adjustments to the pattern. I think i will make this again.

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